From concept to cable plan

Having decided on the end points at room level and termination, the next issue has been noting the different types of cable required for each purpose and the routes they would take, bearing in mind the requirements to keep mains cables and HA control and data cables separate and also separate from hot pipes, gas pipes etc etc. 

I planned a couple of key routes and used a combination of Visio and a spreadsheet to note down all the details and to help me identify each cable and track which ones I’d installed. 

An image of the layout on the top floor of our house and some of the cables detailed follows.

Sample Floor Plan
Sample Floor Plan

This stage of planning took several iterations as it required some agreement over location of major pieces of furniture and room layout:- no point in having a data or mains socket behind a wardrobe.  This was complicated by my decision to use Idratek relays for control of certain appliances e.g. TV, so location of these had to be agreed and radial mains cables used to these points.  More cables came with my desire to be able to control the heating requiring cables to each radiator so a valve actuator could be used.  More work arose here as I found it very difficult to find a reliable plumber so I did all the radiator sizing calculations myself and also relocated most of the (under sized) radiators . 


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