Renovation tribulation

One of the challenges of renovation is that you just do not know for sure what problems you may face until work starts.  On this project we certainly face some unwanted challenges…

As the house had recently been rewired before we bought it I planned to re-use much of this, so I wasn’t ready for what greeted me beneath the floor boards.  It is a chaotic mess and the joists look like swiss cheese rather than structural timbers … no pianos upstairs then.

a mess of old and new botches

There are 4 generations of wiring under the boards; cotton wrapped, rubber and two sets of PVC cables.  There are also some interesting wires from junction boxes, as below.
Although there are existing rings for the sockets, when I traced them I discovered they run as a central loop in the landing and most of the sockets are fed as un-fused spurs, they are not suitable to intercept and extend.  I need to start again.  Add to this the news we’ve had about rising damp downstairs …  time to re-plan the cable-layout! 


The next step will be to work out which are the live cables and strip everything else out so I can see the wood for the trees.  Removal of the existing live cables will come later, as I need power and light for the rest of the renovation.  For this task my voltage detector with audio beep a will be a tremendously useful tool.


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