Quite regularly the question gets asked on the Automated Home forums and in the Yahoo UK Home Automation Discussion  group

“What do I need to do to add some smart technology and automation to my home?” 


I was in this position in 2006.  This blog describes the planning, installation, initial commissioning, growth and experience of a smart home automation retrofit into an Edwardian house in Suffolk, England. 


For me a smart home is far more than a living space with some network ports, whole house audio and a cinema room, although these are undoubtedly elements to consider.  Smart homes need some intelligence in order to help people live in a comfortable, efficient (green if you like) and safe environment.  Features up and running at Neural Home are automated lighting, intercom, audio menus and IR remote control.  I have experimented with web and email control, email alerts, messaging & CCTV. The infrastructure I have built will support fire & intruder alarm, Skype messaging, voice recognition,  telephone control, heating control, CCTV, multi-room audio and home cinema, outside lights, rain water re-cycling, but these projects will be completed over time.


I chose to build my system around the Idratek Smart Home System but whatever system is chosen (Comfort. C-Bus, EIB, KNX, Siemens etc) much of the journey would be the same so I hope this is of use to people also on this adventure into 21st Century living and those contemplating joining it. 


Thank you for dropping by,  I believe in lifelong learning so please feel free to comment!


Jon, Neural Home



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