Why Idratek?

September 5, 2006

Initial investigation revealed that a common set-up was to choose a lighting control mechanism (e.g. C-bus), link it into a sophisticated alarm to provide movement/presence detection (e.g. Comfort) and then add higher level functions via a computer-based controller (e.g. HomeVision).  If appliance control was needed it was typically X10 based.  This seemed about as standard as it got, but the complexity of the overall architecture shocked me as my experience with big telco systems is that the grief exists in the interfaces between systems, and here there were plenty of interfaces!  Although I was keen to have a smart home I knew that to win any kind of acceptance (WAF ) it had to “just work” and while I looked forward to the challenge of building it, I didn’t want to constantly have to tinker to maintain the status quo.  Then David Gumbrell suggested I take a look at Idratek and his excellent blog

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Planning a smart automated home

September 4, 2006

In the summer of 2006 my wife and I bought a house that needed quite a bit of “updating”.  For my part I decided that I wanted a home network and TV distribution.  As I investigated the kit I needed I discovered that the science-fiction world of “smart-homes” was a reality for enthusiasts as well as the super-rich.  As we always planned to be in the house for many years I thought it made sense to include “standard smart home wiring” so I could add devices on the end as time and money allowed.  I soon discovered that there is no standard wiring scheme!

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