It shouldn’t happen to a HA installer

October 20, 2006

Everything is moving fast at the moment, builders everywhere, materials everywhere, dirt everywhere, floor boards – few and far between.  I have spent seemingly endless hours grovelling on the floor with my arm up the floor-boards between the joists struggling to reach a cable or a string/ wire etc attached to cable so that I can pull it through.  Once I’ve pulled it through one section, the process is repeated along the entire length of the run.  As I lie there in my overalls late at night, my face sometimes pressed into the dust as I strain & stretch 1mm more the thought that comes to mind is that

this is about as pleasant as a vet helping a cow to birth

as immortalised by James Herriot’s books.  So with that thought firmly in mind here are some more pics as the installation progresses to the first floor.

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The work begins

October 17, 2006

I have tinkered with some parts of the installation for a while but it is now in full-swing.  The installation of the infrastructure is in two main phases: upstairs and downstairs which aligns with the other works in the house.  However as the house has a solid ground floor all the downstairs cables have to go into the upstairs floor cavity, so while the upstairs is progressing, I won’t be able to finally put the floor (or floor coverings) down until everything is finished down stairs too.  I am working top down trying to work ahead of the builders as they tackle the structure of the building putting insulation in, sorting out the rot etc. 

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